An omniflask is a type of thin flask built for holding beverages in an insulated storage vessel that greatly lengthens the time over which its contents remain hotter or cooler than the flask's surroundings; it comes in many sizes, shapes, and styles. Omniflasks originate in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, and are used by the overwhelming majority of the kuhneebo species. Loosely related to the Jewel Cell, omniflasks are much simpler and inexpensive due to the relatively low temperatures of consumable liquids, and assosciated design requirements.

Unlike traditional metal and vacuum flasks, omniflasks are normally made of ceramic composites, while an outer reflective crystalline enclosure is usually added for cosmetic effect. While always present in kuhneebo culture, omniflasks rose to universal popularity during the Dairy Wars due to their ability to preserve milk for extended periods of time.

Omniflasks are present in the majority of offices of Zeconis, Corrilia, and the arks of the galaxy, as well as worn on one's person. Large, pitcher-like variants are placed on carts and tables, while smaller hip-omniflasks are commonly worn by employees. Office flasks are built for durability, and can easily keep milk airtight with its temperature maintained for a month or more, while personal-size flasks only last a few days.

Omniflasks are mass-produced and frequently sold by arks.

Known GalaxyEdit

Omniflasks are sold alongside other thermoses in most Verandi stores selling kitchenware.

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