The Organic Combat Uncertainty Logic Utility System (OCULUS) is a Norb Network computing system designed for warships.


Strategy and tactics involved in a combat operation are NP-hard, and exponentially complex. Norb computer systems are more than capable of aiming weapons and regulating power throughout a ship, but the sorts of problems that many species use their 'hunches' and 'feelings' for are incapable of being solved in linear or polynomial time. In order to resolve the issue, processing platforms rely on brute-forcing approximations using a set of operating guidelines and assumption. However, this solution is sub-optimal, as it is incapable of producing ideal performance a statistically-significant percentage of cases. To resolve this issue, the Norb employ the use of OCULUS, an array of organic processing frames, in order to handle difficult processing jobs that other nations would refer to as "thinking".

The specifications of OCULUS depend on the class of ship, with most capital ships designed to serve as gun boats having a small core. Carrier-type capital ships have much larger OCULUS arrays onboard, to serve not just the ship itself, but the multitude of small craft they support.