"Committed to providing service that's out of this world!" - Old advertising slogan

Osseg Orbital is a Sirian company that specialises in the manufacture of satellites, space stations, and weapon platforms. Osseg Orbital also has a side business in manufacturing utility and emergency items for spacecraft, such as medical kits, fire extinguishers, and seat cushions. The main HQ of the company is located aboard a space station above Osseg itself, partly out of practicality but also to highlight the quality of their products. This was a scheme dreamt up by one of the company's senior executives.

Due to its focus on economy in its early years, when it solely built satellites, it acquired something of a reputation as a "cheap but cheerful" alternative to their larger, more financially demanding competitors. However, Osseg Orbital is also known for devising innovative solutions to various complex problems, particularly in regard to their area of expertise.

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