Pewter-Class Frigate
Class Overview
Service: Norb Network
Commissioned: 3190
Built: 2047
Active: 857
Type: Frigate
Length: 400m
Engines: 2x Q-thruster
Armor: 2.2 m S8
Armaments: 2 x P5

2x S3 Array
4x P4 Array

Crew: Frigate OCULUS
FTL Capable: Yes

The Pewter-Class frigate is a Norb Network capital ship class. Designed at the same time as the Duralumin-Class Destroyer and Devarda-Class Corvette, the three classes of ship have many similarities in design and technology. Filling the gap in firepower between the corvette and destroyer classes, the Pewter is used for heavier patrols and escorts that do not merit the involvement of a destroyer.

Larger than a corvette, but still lacking the displacement of a destroyer, the Pewter is equipped with a pair of main guns that allow it to face heavier threats. It has increased defensive measures, with a pair of S3 arrays and four P4 arrays to fend off lighter craft. Like all Norb designs, it functions as a carrier and relies upon a pair of Norb Wings, giving it more protection than a corvette.