The Phased Particle Pulse Projector (P4) is a common energy weapon found on all manner of Norb Network ships and installations.


The P4 is a beam weapon that uses a combination of photon and particle beams to affect enemy units. The weapon uses the combination of the two types of beams to cause damage. A sustained laser causes a continuous, but minimal, increase in temperature on its target at a cycling range of frequencies. A particle beam that operates at lower frequencies is used in conjunction, sending subatomic particles in pulses that are coordinated to strike at pre-selected phases of the photon beam, with both waves constructively interfering at their destination and rapidly heating up the target.

It is accurate and uses relatively little energy compared to other weapons systems, allowing it to fire nigh-continuously. Its accuracy allows it to hit faster-moving targets, making it ideal for anti-fighter and missile defense roles. However, its damage output is much less than other forms of weaponry, and the cohesion range for the particle beam gives it a reduced effective range. On capital ships, dozens are placed in large arrays to serve as a general-purpose CIWS.

The P4 is the primary weapon of many Norb spacefighters, which are commonly equipped with between one and four depending on their configuration.