The Photonically-Phased Plasma Projectile Propeller (P5) is a large-scale energy weapon used by the Norb Network, designed for use against capital ships. The energy requirements limits its use to capital ships and defense installations.


The P5 functions by exciting a large ball of hyper-compressed gas with the use of specialized lasers, increasing its temperature until it reaches a sustained plasma state. A set of electromagnetic rails is then pulsed rapidly with different voltages to transfer momentum to the ball, launching it out of the weapon at high speed. Slower and less-damaging than kinetic weapons of the same category, the P5's use of gas and energy rather than conventional ammunition allow it to use less physical space and few moving parts, while eliminating the need to resupply in standard-length engagements.

It is most commonly found as the primary weapon of smaller capital ships, such as destroyers, or as secondaries on larger vessels.