Point Grace Incursion


  • Brothers of Larine founded
  • Pirate Alliance retreats and is disbanded

Ashkathi logo Ashkathi Union

Pirate Alliance

Commanders and Leaders

Ashkathi logo High Minister Toth-met-Deneth-Tal

Captain Gara Bloodclaw

  • 1,360 colonists and scientists
  • 50 Brothers of Larine
  • 120 pirates
  • Over 300 injured colonists, 24 injured scientists
  • 38 dead colonists, 5 dead scientists
  • 8 dead Brothers of Larine
  • 13 injured
  • 28 dead
 The Point Grace Incursion is an attack upon the Ashkathi Union by a band of pirates left over from the Raider Wars between the Sirian Union and the Savages of Jotun. Without provocation, the Nisi pirates begun to raid the space station Point Grace for valuable items and attacking any Ashkathi that got in their way. Nonlethal methods of incapacitating the pirates were met to no avail. In an act of desperation, a few scientists decided to hole themselves in their research labs as the carnage ensued. They modified welding tools used for repairing the station into weapons that would hopefully drive the invaders back. A message was sent back to the Minister, who approved the use of the weapons for the defense of the space station, coining the term "Brothers of Larine". 50 brave individuals were outfitted with the newly-invented "heatstaves", and begun to combat the pirates. The siege lasted 6 hours, and as the Brothers began to get involved, the pirates, in a panic, abandoned the vessel with the loot they had already obtained.


Scientific data was stolen from the station that set the Ashkathi Union back 50 years. The Brothers of Larine began to be deployed for homeland security and police duty. The Pirate Alliance retreated into Sirian space, where they were captured or killed to a man by a Strike Fleet.