Point of Conflict is a Sirian television series produced by Eid Media of Rathunn. Presented and narrated by the military historian Serruzua Ekuo, Point of Conflict examines various battles throughout galactic history, no matter how obscure they are and without bias. Indeed, several battles covered are actually from the ancient past of a nation. Using cutting edge technology and (where possible) interviews with those involved, the combatants, the leaders, their equipment, and the prevailing tactical and strategic situation are all blended together to retell the events as they unfolded in a mixture of reenactments and CGI. The first season focused predominantly on Sirian military history, but as explained earlier this was significantly expanded once the programme had proven it had an audience. It has run for three seasons, and produced a pair of spin-offs - Point of Conflict: Aces, and Point of Conflict: Battle Stations. The former revolves around dogfights, whilst the latter focuses on space battles.

Overview Edit

Typically an episode begins by providing the context to a battle, such as by summarising the results of previous battles and how they impacted the one being fought. It then examines various factors more closely, noting where one side or the other had an advantage or where they were lacking. It then goes on to discuss the battle itself.

Point of Conflict: Aces is unusual in that it typically offers a more intimate view of a given engagement, following a single flight or even a particular pilot whilst occasionally referring to the greater scenario. Battle Stations is more traditional in this respect, preferring to focus on the interaction of fleets rather than individual duels.

Critical Reception Edit

In the Sirian Union, Point of Conflict has met with success, particularly on its native Rathunn. One reviewer called it a "refreshingly clear eyed look at military history that doesn't resort to chest thumping or sensationalism, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions".

Point of Conflict aired on the Sirian bloc of the Verandi Empire's International Channel. The show was the second most popular on the bloc and also appeared on weekly reruns. Critics praised the show's dynamic action sequences and historians commended the thorough research done for each episode. The show became a go-to reference for discussion among military enthusiasts. Audiences voted the narrator as their favorite host on the International Channel's website, an oddity since she was not even option in the poll (She had the most write-in votes for the "Other" option). There were some complaints that the show would too often dip into technological jargon "that was probably second nature for a sirian" one critic said, "but left the rest of use scratching our heads, especially in the more obscure battles when it's obvious they've run out of material and are just padding the runtime."

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