Male silverback Gorilla
Species: Norb, Eastern Lowland Gorilla
Nation: Norb Network
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 7, 3159
Date of Death: 3167
Homeworld: Prautes
Place of Death: Prautes
Hair color: Black, silver
Eye color: Brown

Poku the Gorilla was a Norb frame, war veteran, and folk hero.


By the mid 3160's, several Earth species had been imported to Prautes and added to the Norb Network, much to the delight of a group of anthropologists from the Empire of Verandi who wished to study eastern gorillas in a new wildlife sanctuary. The use of a Norb frame even allowed for remotely obtaining data from within the groups of animals, as the gorillas would not react to the frame in the same way they would react to a human observer.

At the start of the Technocrat War, a group of these scientists found themselves being attacked by a group of a dozen terrorists, without any means of defending themselves against the approaching Technocrats. With the scientists locking themselves in a reinforced storage room, it was only a matter of time before the Technocrats cut through the door using a repurposed plasma cutter. However, a Frame nicknamed 'Poku' by the scientists had been transported to their facility for a minor dental procedure. The processing platform for the facility and Poku, after reviewing data and analyzing processing directives, made the decision to open the door to Poku's room, and closed off all of the doors except those that would lead Poku to the scattered Technocrats.

Poku and a pair of Hugsuits managed to subdue the entire squad of Technocrats, saving the researchers. However, despite his success, Poku was critically injured, and soon succumbed to his wounds. After the war, a solid titanium monument of Poku was erected outside of the research facility as a memorial to the first case of a Norb frame saving a human life. He was also posthumously made the honorary first SPECTER.