Allegiance: Norb Network
Capital: N/A
Population: N/A
Star System: Friendship System

Prautes is a planet in the Norb Network. It was the first Host in the network to have another sentient species set foot on it, after establishing contact with the Empire of Verandi.


For more information about the system this planet is located in, see the Friendship System.

Prautes is the third planet from its sun, with eight total major planets in the system. This system would be the first to reap the benefits of faster-than-light travel in its development, as the Norb developed their first functioning FTL drive within a few hundred years of its initial colonization.


Prautes's surface is roughly 80% water, with the majority of land taken up by a large landmass surrounded by and several large continental islands. The continent has a large desert in its center - which was reduced over the years by the digging of new rivers - while the islands and edges closer to the coast have a wide array of biomes.



Prautes, the Universal Bridge

During their expansion, the Norb discovered that an overwhelming majority of galactic life seemed to be carbon-based, while most life-sustaining worlds appeared to posses large amounts of blue water, atmospheres rich in oxygen and nitrogen, and occupied an orbit that gave them a relatively warm temperature when compared to their homeworld. Out of dozens of probes that were sent to nearby systems, none were discovered with silicon- or boron-based lifeforms, and only one with sulfur-based lifeforms, yet several carbon-friendly planets were found. Now that they were more picky with their criteria for new systems, due to their increased sphere of selection and considerations for adding a fifth sytem to the still-non-FTL Network, the Norb left most of the encountered carbon systems alone - two were in an ice age, four had so much carbon that it served more for data-gathering than terraforming, and the rest were not yet developed enough to have any complex life. The exception was Prautes, which had a diverse enough variety of flora and fauna to merit linking.

It was also the Friendship system that was the location of the Norb's first contact with a sentient race, the Empire of Verandi. Norb Fiestas were soon scurrying across the planet with human occupants in a limited cultural exchange. This was short-lived, though, due to the Technocrat War starting up within a decade of first contact.