Title: The Old Machine
Allegiance: Norb Network
Capital: N/A
Population: N/A
Star System: Primus System

Primus is the original planet of the Norb Network, located in the system bearing the same name. The oldest planet in the network by far, its former status as the homeworld of the Norbesii means that its layout is atypical for a Norb Host. Because of the existence of cities and large-scale engineering before the Great Merge, far less of its land is preserved than most Hosts.


For more information about the system this planet is in, see Primus System.

Long before the Norb expanded and had the experience and ability to experiment and colonize new systems quicker, they took things slowly and carefully with the Primus system to avoid any issues. The already-slow process of taking over every square meter of land in the system, which other races sometimes jokingly refer to as "Norbifying", took nearly ten thousand years to accomplish due to the need for detailed analysis in every step, as the Norb had never done it before.

Primus is the fifth planet from its sun, and has a relatively cold temperature compared to what most species, such as humans and other humanoids, are used to. Its native flora and fauna are silicon-based lifeforms. Of the thirteen major planets in the system, only Primus was home to organic life. As such, the other planets were completely taken over and converted into Ports and Hubs. The only exception was the fourth planet from the sun, Rhea. Considered the "sister" to Primus, it was where Norb terraforming technologies were developed.

Its nearest inhabited neighbor is the Secundus system, which is also the closest system to it in space, physically.



Primus, the Old Machine

After the Great Merge, Primus was left to the machinations of the newly-united Norb. The three primary goals of the Norb at this time were to expand to the rest of the solar system, incorporate the wildlife of the planet by developing cybernetic, and prepare for further expansion.


  • Primus is the word for "first" in Latin. As the Norb do not have traditional names for their planet and systems, only reference identification strings, they create names for them so that alien races can easily discuss them in conversation. Primus was named as such due to its status as the first planet, and first system, in the network.