A quall male

The Qualls are a mammalian space-faring species originally from the planet Telpker. Prior to encountering the Sarken Hegemony, the qualls were at the cusp of their industrial revolution, but they were uplifted and subjugated by the Sarken. The qualls are now a subject race of the Sarken Hegemony, with the planet Telpker being considered part of Sarken space.


Qualls are short, blue-furred creatures, rarely growing taller than 3 feet tall. They have prominent claws on their hands and feet. They have lighter-blue colored fur on their stomachs and heads, as well as tufts of similarly light blue fur running down their back and ending off at their tails. Their eyes are wide and orange, and their mouths and noses are mostly covered by their fur.


Quall fur is extremely thick, and accounts for a large part of a quall's body, making him look larger than he really is. This, combined with the quick heartrate of qualls, keeps them warmer in colder conditions, while also making warmer conditions difficult for them. The typical body temperature of a quall is around 107 degrees Fahrenheit / 41 degrees Celsius.


Qualls are omnivores. Qualls will often hunt burrowing mammals in the tunnels of Telpker, and they also cultivate fungi that grow in the tunnels. When the Sarken Hegemony conquered the qualls, they allowed the qualls to continue their hunting and farming, but also began to supply them with sarken and airoth food.

Genders and ReproductionEdit

Male qualls tend to be slightly larger and stronger than female qualls. Quall women give live birth to a litter of children.

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