Rakani Civil War



Rhizon Collective re-integrated, rogue Rakani mother root destroyed, and splinter collective wiped out


RhizonflagRhizon Collective

Rakani Splinter Collective

Commanders and Leaders

Rhizonflag The Rhizon Mother Root

The second Rakani Mother Root



Major losses

Complete destruction

The Rakani Civil War was a war between the Rhizon Collective and a splinter collective accidentally created on the Rhizon colony of Rhizon Rakani. Miscalculations by the Rhizon mother root resulted in two Mother Roots being seeded on the planet. When the second root matured, the first root saw the second as a threat, and being loyal to the Rhizon Collective, immediately attacked. Both mother roots were equally capable, but since the first was aided by the rest of the Collective being spawned on the homeworld, the second Rakani root was overwhelmed, but not without the loss of hundreds of thousands of Rhizon constructs. To stop senseless conflict between the Rhizon, the Mother Root decided there would only be one Mother Root present on any given colony world.

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