Resurgence War

July 31st, 3450 - November 5th, 3458


Bureau withdrawal

Commanders and Leaders



  • JiptohrFlag 4,200,000,000
  • Norb Flag 110,000,000,000,000
  • Bolaemia: 6,700,000,000
  • JiptohrFlag 1,380,250,000
  • Norb Flag 13,600,000,000,000
  • Bolaemia: 3,280,000,000

The Resurgence War was the second great war waged by Bolaemia against its western neighbors. Taking place over the course of eight years, it is especially known for introducing the gzydeotmid species as soldiers and Cüzytsegir supercommandos for the Cöizpäid. Unlike the Expansion War, Bolaemia avoided engaging multiple Empires at once, instead focusing on the Jiptohr Empire.


The first blow of the war came about on July 31st, 3450, with the simultaneous Bolaemian invasion of the northern Jiptohr systems. Through the use of overwhelming force, the Bolaemian invaders were able to quickly destroy orbital resistance and land their troops. This was crucial to their strategy, as the Resurgence War saw the introduction of the gzydeotmid to Bolaemia's battlefield. As one of the tallest, strongest, and most resilient species in the Known Galaxy, the reptilian gzydeotmid were unmatched on the battlefield and proved to be the Bureaucracy's secret weapon in its war against the Jiptohr. Fearsome and formidable, they were able to overwhelm the limited resistance of a developing system and assume control. The next two took significantly longer to defeat the resistance, though they were ultimately seized within fifteen months of the war. The rapid deployment of the gzydeotmid allowed for the rest of the Cöizpäid to move in and take control, leaving the Cüzytsegir to focus on high-value targets.

By the eleventh month of the war, Bolaemia began to press their forces against the coreward Jiptohr planets. Unlike the previous systems, it had significantly more defensive infrastructure and manpower. As a result, it would be home to some of the bloodiest battles of the next seven years.

In the end, despite their strong start, Bolaemia was ultimately unable to sustain their losses and support their war machine. Though they possessed a tremendous ground presence, the naval activity against their worlds and routes made it increasingly difficult to push their advance, and risked the safety of their own worlds. With several billion soldiers deployed in six systems, it began one of the largest troop withdrawals of the last several centuries.


Much like their defeat after the Expansion War, the Bureaucracy went into a period of severely reduced economic activity for several decades. This would end with the third of Bolaemia's wars of expansion when Bolaemia again attempted to invade Jiptohr in the Bureau-Jiptohr War.

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