The Reunion Protocol is a complex series of directives created by the Norb Network in the years after the colonization of their first three extra-solar systems, as a result of the Reunion War. Due to the decades-long delays involved with traveling between the four systems, several revisions of the Norb Kernel were operating across the galaxy in parallel, without any way of communicating within a small number of processing cycles and aggregating their data. The minutes-long delays within the Primus system had already required the development of dynamically reuniting commands based on prior versions of data with those based on newer iterations.

However, for a delay that could be up to a hundred years for a round trip signal in some cases, a substantial amount of computing power had to be dedicated to resolving these possible programming conflicts. The first and only large-scale case of this type of directive conflict occurred during the Reunion War. In the aftermath, when the Primus System reaffirmed its status as the core Norb world, the Reunion Protocol was implemented to resolve future issues.