Species: Rhizon construct
Nation: Originally Rhizon Collective, now a rogue construct
Gender: Genderless, identifies as female
Homeworld: Originally Rhizon
Hair color: Green with brown highlights
Eye color: Yellow/orange
Position: Head chef
Rosemary is a Rhizon diplomacy construct currently serving as head chef aboard the Caroline, a Verandi transport ship.

Rhizon Khu, as she was originally called, was created to study Terran culinary techniques roughly 15 years ago. After a few years studying in Izera, Khu began to feel the Mother Root's influence dwindle. Over time her connection to the root completely severed, and she took the name "Rosemary" after one of her favorite spices. She took odd jobs in several restaurants within the Izeran Empire before she was given a job at Azari's, a restaurant on the planet Tharr. She worked there for a year before moving to the Solar Republic, getting a job at a steakhouse on Kaladia.

Over time, her culinary skills were beginning to strengthen. She entered into the Corrilian Cookie Competition in 3548, and won "Most Creative" that year with her rosemary butter cookies. Finally, in 3555 she was asked to judge chocolate at the Filanticu Chocolate Convention on Heiwa's moon. After a strange incident involving a Nisi, a herd of chocolate cows, and the chocolate baths, Rosemary was mistakenly arrested by the FMS officials. When she was released, she signed aboard the Caroline.

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