The Royal Izeran Armed Forces is the unified institution under which all branches of the Izeran military are administrated. This includes but is not limited to the Royal Izeran Space Force, the Royal Izeran Marines, the Royal Izeran Army, the Royal Izeran Special Services Division, the Reserve forces and all cadet organizations. The Armed Forces institution also encompasses the National Defence Department, responsible for advising the government on matters of national defence, and the civilian support structure, including the Veterans' Affairs Department.

The Armed Forces institution is managed by the National Defence Committee, which is comprised of the Supreme Admiral of the Space Force, the Chief General of the Army, the Marines General and the Military Adviser. As with all Izeran institutions, however, the Armed Forces institution is ultimately subject to the authority of the Crown.


In the broadest possible sense, Izeran military doctrine can be described primarily as defensive yet flexible. Generally speaking, Izeran military forces tend to emphasize powerful defensive options over manoeuvre tactics or high-aggression offensives. In addition, most operations, regardless of which branch is conducting it, tend to rely on space-based support to some degree or another, leading to an emphasis on space power, albeit a lesser emphasis than some other militaries. Despite this, the Royal Izeran Armed Forces are trained, equipped and organized in such a way that they are by no means entirely reliant on either space support or defensive options, enabling them to be flexible and adaptable.


The Izeran military is perhaps most well-known for its extensive use of cybernetic technology. Izeran infantrymen and the like frequently make use of shoulder-mounted weaponry, attached to the soldier's armour and controlled by their neurological implants. Modern energy reclamation render recoil a non-issue, and the controlling mechanisms tend to be considerably faster to react than any soldier's hands.

Furthermore, Izeran soldiers often carry personal drones which are linked to their cybernetics. The drones - usually small, floating spheres (not unlike a glow globe in shape) or miniature quadcopters - are generally no larger than a grenade and are equipped with a camera and a battery that can last for hours and recharge via solar power. The drones' live camera feeds can be sent directly to the soldier that threw them allowing for the expedient gathering of extra battlefield intel, the rapid assessment of building or wreckage, the safe assessment of blind corners and can even show visible enemies' positions, allowing a blinded soldier to attack or defend themselves.

Additionally, Izeran soldiers' cybernetics can link up with one-another allowing soldiers to share their senses and work much more efficiently as a team. These implants can also be instructed by their user to regulate one's bodily chemical balance, affecting the release of adrenaline and endorphins, elevating the senses, and suppressing pain from minor injuries.

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