The Royal Izeran Special Services Division (SSD) is the branch of the Royal Izeran Armed Forces responsible for administrating any and all unconventional military operations and assets. The SSD works closely with IZIS and the Royal Izeran Marine Corps to perform high-risk, high-value missions that cannot be done through any conventional means. As such, the vast majority of soldiers under SSD command are exceptional former Marines/Commandos or IZIS Operators.

The institution of the SSD is overseen by a committee consisting of the Marines General, the Spymaster General, the reigning Monarch and the SSD Chairperson, whose identity is classified. Details regarding SSD missions are all highly classified.


The SSD is divided into at least three primary groups, each of which are divided into a number of sub-units.

  • HISZAISU: Allegedly an elite special operations force trained extensively for air-and-spaceborne operations, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, covert ops, direct action, hostage rescue, high-value targets/manhunting, reconnaissance/intelligence operations and mobility operations.
  • SHADOWKNIFE: Allegedly inspired by the Sirian Union's Atuei Eifa, SHADOWKNIFE is another special operations force specializing in "unconventional warfare."
  • FOXHOUND: Allegedly an especially high-tech special operations force, FOXHOUND is said to specialize in one-man covert operations, sometimes known as "sneaking missions," and as such its members are supposedly the SSD's very best.

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