Species: Rakashian
Nation: Rakashian Consulate
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Circa 3540
Position: Ambassador to the Galactic Nation

Grand Diplomat of the Rakashian Consulate
Sworn Husband of Rrrriskith
The Revered High Master of Peace
Sworn Father of Rrrazithr and Ikirgh

Rrroriksix is a male Rakashian representing the Rakashian Consulate as an ambassador to the Galactic Nations.


5' with jet black fur and matching eyes, Rrroriksix looks a little intimidating for a diplomat, wearing a mix of robes and armor, preferring reds and purples. As a result, he tends to look taller than he is, also attributed to by his good posture. His claws are well manicured and his whiskers are trimmed down. He has a hairy tail, which is often considered a good omen in Rakashian culture. He hates sitting down and has a habit of pacing around when he thinks or talks.


Rrroriksix was born into greatness. The son of a former magistrate and his assistant, Rroriksix was groomed for a diplomatic position. However, it was expected he would either sit on a magistrate's council or become one himself but his skills for talking and listening earned the interest of the Council of Claws. He was quickly brought under their wing and taught the languages of the different aliens and he proved to be an astonishingly quick learner. Soon he managed to woo the head of the Council of Claws and gave her two sons. Eventually, they married as was expected of lovers in such high positions. He has left the Ras System to fulfill his new duty as Grand Diplomat and take over for his recently deceased predecessor.

Rrroriksix was trained in multiple tongues and was granted the authority to speak on behalf of the Council of Claws amongst the Galactic Nations*. He is very much a Rakashian of peace and would want nothing more than to ensure that the universe is on good terms with the Rakasha Consulate and trading with them. However, he is not so naive and does his best to at least do what he can to improve relations with all the other cultures. He loves meeting new representatives and new cultures but is conscious of what he reveals to them.

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