SU-26 Blastmaster
Class Overview
Service: Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Commissioned: 3465
Preceded By:  ?
Succeeded By:  ?
Built: No official reports
Active: No official estimates
Type: Light Fighter
Length: 11m
Engines: 2x Superbooster
Armor: Vuscotrium
Armaments: Shredder Cannon
Crew: 1
FTL Capable: No

The SU-26 Blastmaster is a discontinued light fighter from Corrilia. Production began in 3465, but it was terminated only twenty-seven years later due to declining sales.

The ship's main draw was its shredder cannon. A shotgun-like stonethrower cannon, it is capable of outputting a large amount of hard-hitting thermally-charged rounds that can tear apart the heaviest small craft. While having astounding performance, the shredder consumes a large cannister of ammunition per shot, depleting its reserve quickly. The Blastmaster is compactly built in the shape of a cone, and minimally armored. The resulting ship is fast, maneuverable, and small. It presents a small target, which combined with its mobility makes it capable of evading enemy craft as it closes the distance to its target to deliver a devastating blow.

Because of its unique distribution of effectiveness over time during an engagement, the Blastmaster quickly became a priority target amongst enemy craft, sending a disproportionate quantity to the scrap yard. It was nicknamed the "Suicide Sprinter" and after sales continued to flatten was quietly discontinued.

Though discontinued, the remaining Blastmasters in the galaxy are popular with pirates, employing them in ambushes to provide an inexpensive and powerful boost to their firepower.

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