XF-150 Sabok-Class Fighter-Bomber
Class Overview
Service: Izeran Empire
Commissioned: 3495
Preceded By: Non-Standardized Improvised Fightercraft
Built: SO MANY
Active: MOST OF 'EM
Type: Multirole Starfighter
Length: 15 m
Engines: 2 Ion Engines
Armor: 4 Shield Generators

Titanium-alloy Heavy Plating

Armaments: -
  • 4 Plasma Cannons
  • 2 Ion Canons
  • 2 Missile Launchers (12 Interceptor Missiles, 12 Torpedoes)
Crew: 2

The XF-150 Sabok-Class Fighter-Bomber is the Izeran Empire's primary starfighter. While considerably slower than its counterpart, the Tarokai Fightercraft, the Sabok still manages to reach respectable sublight speeds without sacrificing its offensive potential, durability, or its ability to operate independent of a mothership.

A highly versatile craft, the Sabok was initially conceived as a dedicated bomber, but demands for a high-performance starfighter meant that its designers were pressured to make a faster, more mobile ship. As a result, the TX-150 is capable of taking on both fighters and capital ships, and is a formidable adversary alone or in groups.

The Sabok is well-liked among Izeran engineers for being a reliable craft that requires very little maintenance and is easy to upgrade. It is named after Sabok Vrokar, the Space Force's founder's son, who was famous among early Izera's pilots for falling in love with and eventually marrying a pilot, much to his father's dismay.