Saelunn Strategic Intervention
General information
Organization type

Private Military Company


Esseni's Bluff, Rathunn

Historical information
Formed from

Former Sirian Army troops

Former special forces



Other information



Sirian Union

Saelunn Strategic Intervention, also known as SSI, is a Sirian Private Military Company with its main headquarters on Rathunn. It is one of the largest Sirian PMCs in existence today, and is a household name among both clients and contractors.

History Edit

Saelunn Strategic Intervention was formed in 3253 by a group of former Powered Infantry and special forces turned businesswomen. They aggressively built up the company in the years that followed.

Saelunn Strategic Intervention provides security for the Sirian built and operated Starduster installation in the Zarreil system, as well as freighters operated by Sirian and Verandi companies (particularly between the Sirian Union and Verandi).

Services Edit

"Choose quality. Choose Saelunn Strategic Intervention." - SSI advertising campaign contrasting 'unprofessional' foreign PMCs with SSI contractors.

SSI offers a significant range of tasks for its contractors. This can range from providing on site security at a major regional corporate office to performing deniable operations for nation states (or indeed assisting their military). Client confidentiality is strictly enforced, and SSI manages a PR division to ensure that their clients are shown in the best possible light.

Professionalism and quality are two of the company's major selling points. Since all of their contractors are drawn from a pool of those who have left the Sirian Army or a special forces unit, they are extremely well trained. It is stressed to contractors that cavalier attitudes to international law or sapient rights are not tolerated. Many Sirians see joining SSI as a guaranteed ticket to the high life as a result of the lavish benefits and salary that being a SSI contractor brings.

The company aims mostly for the high end of the PMC market. There have been rumblings of SSI opening a "budget" security contracting division, but the company has remained tight lipped on its veracity. Aside from providing security contracting, SSI also runs a military vehicle and equipment maintenance division and a training course.


The "triple arrow" of SSI is instantly recogniseable. According to the company, it represents the multi-faceted security and services that it provides, as well as invoking its Sirian connection. The fact that the arrows are pointing straight up symbolises that SSI contractors lead the way.

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