The Sarken are a mammalian space-faring species originally from the planet Ersark. The Sarken species is the head

A Sarken in power armor

of the Sarken Hegemony.


Sarken do not typically reveal their appearance to non-Sarken, and regardless, it is impossible to do so due to the strict gaseous and pressure requirements the Sarken need after their self-modification.

Though records of Sarken appearance prior to their self-modification are sparse, especially due to the Dark Age, it can be inferred that they were strong, furry creatures with long claws on their hands and feet. Their eyes are small, and their snout is long with prominent nostrils on the end and a wide mouth. Their ears are small and can move to pick up sounds.

After their modification, however, their hair mostly falls off. Their skin is pink and wrinkly, and their posture is more hunched, as they take more difficult steps.

Most of what the majority of the Known Galaxy sees of the Sarken is their armor, which is specially crafted to keep the Sarken alive. Their masks are silvery, with wide green eye-sockets and a breathing apparatus at the ends. Their armor is usually a dull green in color, with spiked shoulderpads, and bulky arms and legs ending in clawed hands and feet.


Though ancient Sarken breathed nitrogen-oxygen atmospheres, modern Sarken require a complex mixture of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and soot particulates. They thrive on conditions that would kill most other life forms. This is because they have genetically altered their bodies to be able to survive in the conditions that nearly killed Ersark.

Regardless, a modern Sarken is weaker physically than its ancient counterparts. The Sarken constitution is unusually weak, and the immune system tends to fail faster than normal. For this reason, modern Sarken have shorter lifespans than an original unmodified Sarken. Their muscles, due to both their genetic tampering and their lack of exercise, tend to atrophy into disuse, which is why the Sarken suits tend to also function as power armor and life support systems.


Sarken are strict insectivores. On Ersark, they used to thrive on large beetles they called gaggerpachen. Now that the gaggerpachen are extinct, they have genetically altered the insects of other worlds to grow to the same size and nutrition levels as the extinct gaggerpachen. Most Sarken on other worlds, however, eat a paste of insect parts, and drink it like a shake (due to the limitations of their suits).

Genders and ReproductionEdit

Male and female Sarken are very much alike. The Sarken power armor is gender-neutral, so it is very difficult for non-Sarken to tell the difference. Regardless, female Sarken tend to be smaller and weaker than their male counterparts. Sarken give birth to single children, occasionally twins, but complications usually arise due to the genetic tampering.

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