Title: The Harbor World
Motto: "Always True and Loyal"
Demonym: Seralonian
Allegiance: Verandi Empire
Capital: Seralon City
Largest City: La Habrea
Governing Official: Jennifer Lee
Miriallia Haw
Population: 1,100,000,000
Moons: Floson
Star System: Pacifica System

Seralon is a world in the Verandi Empire located in the Pacifica star system. Seralon is one of the most populous world within the Empire with approximately 1.1 billion residents. The capital city of Seralon is Seralon City.

The planet is known for its self-sufficient capabilities as well as being a commercial center for the Empire focusing mainly on foodstuff and other natural goods. Seralon is the second most aquatic inhabited world in the nation.


Seralon is in the Pacifica System, which is shared with the planet Tapia. Its closest neighboring stars are the Sumire and Sagashitte star systems. Seralon is the fourth planet from its sun and has two moon. The planet is naturally suited to human life.


90% of Seralon is water. There are two continents on the planet, separated by the Etirean Strait, Delphi in the northern hemisphere and Victoria in the south. To the west of the two continents is the Nishi Ocean, and to the east is the Higashi Ocean. Much of the population lives along the coast due to the rocky and mountainous inland geography of Delphi and the largely desert landscape of Victoria. Because of its abundant ocean life and stable climate, Seralon flourishes as a food production world for its neighbors.

Victoria is dominated by mountains and dead volcanoes, which make up approximately 96% of the continent. These are the Victoria Mountains, or just simply, the Mountains, upon which glaciers form. These glaciers are the source of the three primary rivers that flow through Victoria: San and Po to the west, and Shirer going south.



Seralon from orbit.

Seralon is one of the oldest planets settled in Verandi. Although colonization got off to a rocky start when attempts to start inland proved difficult, the coastal areas proved much more inhabitable. Sprawling cities spread out along the shorelines, where fishing and production for marine occupations dominated Seralon's economy for decades. Seralon branched out from fishing over the years and began cultivating fruits and vegetables suited for coastal weather conditions.

The Dark Age brought an end to Seralon's trade and various factions began fighting for control of the planet. Infrastructure was neglected and whole cities were abandoned. Following the Reconquista, Verandi forces found Seralon the most difficult of the Inner Worlds to impose law and order on, due to criminals utilizing their knowledge of the world's coastal and mountain regions to avoid capture. Seralon was pacified along with Tapia in 2824.

Modern Seralon continues to thrive on its sea based system. Ocean transportation remains as

Two Seralonians on a typical morning.

popular as air for mass movement between cities. Unlike most of its neighboring world, Seralon has no large skyscraper filled cities due to statutes that prohibit any building from being larger than four stories. This lack of megacities gives the impression that Seralon is smaller than it really is. Its sprawling cities and towns instead extend along the coastline and into the mountain areas, often times carved right out of the mountains.

New ImmigrationEdit

Immigration from the Ashkathi Union led to Seralon being the world with the largest Ashkathi population. Immigrants took advantage of the water world so much like what they were used to that also had easy access to the rest of Verandi's civilization. "Little Larine" districts began emerging off the coastlines of major Seralonian cities as ethnic enclaves for arriving immigrants who best functioned in water. In 3488, Ashkathi-Verandi citizens and Duke Seralon funded the establishment of an Ashkathi settlement in the middle of the Etieran Strait. The city project was tentatively labeled "Sera-gan", Seralon City in Gaale, with the understanding a different name would be finalized later. Bureaucratic mix-ups led to Sera-gan being the official name of the town. When it was pointed out that Seralon City was already the name of the capital, distraught city elders offered to change the name but Duke Seralon told them not to worry; the differences in language would mean most people would not notice and besides, "naming things wrong is a Verandi national pastime anyways." Sera-gan is the largest Ashkathi city on Seralon. An estimated 16% of Seralonians are Ashkathi.


Ashkathism spread to the native population. Note the ceremonial body paint.

With the arrival of Ashkathi came Ashkathism. The pacifistic religion attracted some Seralonian native converts, whose culture shared many of the same traditions, and eventually the term "Ashkathistas" developed to distinguish between the species and practitioners of the religion. Ashkathistas on Seralon have developed a rift from the practitioners in the Ashkathi Union regarding the Tenth Tenant, but for the most part adhere to the same base practices. Younger Ashkathistas are noted for being less solemn that the previous generations. Ashkathism is the third largest religious identity on Seralon, behind Christianity and non-religious. An estimated 55% of Ashkathistas in Verandi live on Seralon.


Seralon is the sister planet to Larine, capital of the Ashkathi Union. The Larinian New Year's is celebrated on Seralon, with parades, games, and music throughout the day. The Dance of the Gaaka-Den held in La Habrea is considered one of the most elaborate outside of the AU.

Some Gaale words have filtered into Seralonian usage, even among non Ashkathistas. "Kuhaafi" is understood and used interchangeably with "Thank you" or "Thanks."

The Ashkathi sport of archball is a popular pastime among the amphibious population and some landers who utilize special underwater gear to participate or use anti-grav chambers instead of water. As of 3555, there are eight official archball teams in the Seralonian Archball League, including the Seralon Team, La Habrea Team, and Sera-gen Team.

Notable SeraloniansEdit

  • Maximilian Gaati, first Ashkathi head of the Buena Park Marine Institute.
  • Corona Tante, first governor of Sera-gan, head of the Muyeol Company.

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