Serruzua Irrek
Species: Sirian
Nation: Sirian Union
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3525 (30 years old)
Homeworld: Siria
Hair color: Black, with white patches
Eye color: Green
Relatives: Erruanuzua Irrek (Sister)

Seilkhr Irrek (Younger sister)

Ranzua Irrek (Younger sister)

Leikao Irrek (Younger sister)

Seil Irrek (Younger brother)

Position: Galactic Swordplay Tournament athlete
Rank:  ??? (Ret.)

Serruzua Irrek is a champion swordswoman and former member of the Sirian Army. Growing up the eldest child in the Irrek family of Siria, she expected nothing less than the best from her siblings. Serruzua was particularly critical of the second eldest child, Erruanuzua. Realising her potential, Serruzua's parents sent her to the most prestigious military academy in Sirian space to prepare for induction into the officer corps. When her time came, she leapt at the chance to join a Long Range Recon Group. A model soldier by all accounts, she always led by example, displaying a complete lack of fear, incredible tenacity and cunning in the face of the enemy.

It was no surprise, then, that she was later accepted into a Sirian special forces group. After a long and successful career filled with honours, she retired. Finding civilian life too dull, she began participating in the Galactic Swordplay Tournament. From 3551 she was crowned champion for three years running, which brought with it immense fame and wealth. However, this has not stopped her from signing up every year hence.

She has always striven to keep an eye on her erstwhile siblings, particularly Erruanuzua and Seil.

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