The shell symbol

The shell (Gaale: daati) is the official currency of the Ashkathi Union. In the past, all transactions within the Ashkathi Union were in the form of commodity money using barter as a form of transaction between individuals. At the urging of the Sirian Union, the Ashkathi adopted the shell as its official currency in 3440, with a 2:1 exchange rate to the Sirian aui: one shell equals two aui. Though the shell is not often accepted outside of the Ashkathi Union, it has begun to gain acceptance in places like Tranquility as the Ashkathi Union has become more involved in galactic affairs.

In the early days of the shell's usage, shells were represented by the shells of a Larinian shelled animal known as the daati (hence the Gaale name). By 3520, use of physical shells as currency began to phase out among galactic trade, and the shell became a digital currency (though physical shells are still often used on Larine itself). In doing so, the half-shell and the quarter-shell (iika-daati and iikon-daati respectively in Gaale) were invented to allow for easier transition between the shell and other currencies. One half-shell is equal to 1 aui, while one quarter-shell is equal to 50 aur.

In 3540, the shell was revised into an octal system to make purchasing on other worlds easier, and the smaller denomination of shard (dakui) was introduced. 64 shards made up 1 shell, and the shell was given coinage in the form of 1-shard, 4-shard, 8-shard, 16-shard (quarter shell), 32-shard (half-shell), and 1-shell coins. 1 shell is still worth 2 aui and so on, down to 1 shard being worth 32 aur.

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