Shieldweave is a protective material developed and manufactured in the Sirian Union. A fabric, it provides protection against a wide variety of dangers, though initial Shieldweave products focused purely on defending against knives and gunfire. Its production method is a closely guarded secret, which is an attempt to prevent weapon and ammunition manufacturers from developing products designed to defeat it. Shieldweave affords wearers complete protection against knives and pistol or PDW calibre rounds in all weave thicknesses, and resistance against rifle calibre rounds in thick weaves. It is normally woven into a suit, dress, or other formal wear, though clients may request special casual wear with the weave.

Shieldweave is a popular choice for VIPs and bodyguards. In particular politicians have found it a boon, avoiding the bulkiness of traditional bulletproof vests that might prove the source of awkward questions. It is also much less uncomfortable to wear for long periods. However, as a result of the special manufacturing processes involved, Shieldweave is predominantly the preserve of wealthy individuals - current attempts at manufacturing it more cheaply have only led to compromises in the material's protective value, rendering it unsuitable for most applications. Nevertheless, there are many R&D programmes under way to find a method of trumping this barrier.

It is said that the Chairwoman herself and many important officials in the Sirian Union make extensive use of Shieldweave in their clothing.

In the Galaxy Edit

Shieldweave enjoyed popularity in the Verandi upper class, who frequently spent much more money on clothing that the commoners. The fabric was bought in great amounts especially in the period between 3100 and 3360, when the power struggle between nobles led to frequent assassination attempts.

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