SAAC insignia
Sirian Army Air Corps
General information
Organization type

Air Force


Eirruzan Fuei (Chief of Staff)

Azalua Jirrek (Vice CoS)


The Den, Siria

Historical information
Formed from

Warlord forces



Other information

Sirian Union

The Sirian Army Air Corps is the branch of the Sirian Army responsible for planetary airborne operations.

History Edit

There was a wide variety of air forces left in the wake of the Unification War. As part of the drive for standardisation throughout Sirian space, these squadrons were amalgamated into the Sirian Army Air Corps.

Working in lockstep with the Sirian Army, the SAAC aims to wrest control of the skies from their opponents and to provide protection to their ground based allies.

Operations Edit

Doctrine Edit

"We are masters of all we survey - and from 40,000 feet that's quite a lot!" - SAAC saying, dating roughly from 3000 
SAAC roundel combined

1. Full colour SAAC roundel. 2. Tactical SAAC roundel. Note the subdued colour scheme.

Despite often being the unsung heroes of many military campaigns, the SAAC recognise the crucial role they have to play both on the offence and on the defence. The primary roles SAAC personnel train for are air/orbital superiority, close air support, reconnaissance, and troop deployment. All of this has been formalised in the doctrine of Aerospace Dominance. A classic hallmark of Sirian piloting is flight at extremely low levels and high speed, skirting past obstacles so as to preclude detection by enemy aerospacecraft or ground based sensors. Ideally, the first the enemy knows of a SAAC aerospacecraft's presence is when it has already achieved its objectives.

Airborne Infantry Edit

These troops are primarily intended for airborne operations, particularly those that require high mobility. The Airborne Infantry are also called upon to protect Sirian Army Air Corps facilities, such as airbases. They are as well trained and armed as their sisters, the Powered Infantry and the Naval Infantry. All three share a friendly - and sometimes not so friendly - rivalry.

Inventory Edit

Although the SAAC share several designs with their Sirian Army Space Corps sisters, they also have access to some machines that the SASC lack.

Aerospacecraft Edit

Fighters Edit

Strike Craft Edit

Helicopters Edit

  • H-60 Windweaver

Reconnaissance Edit

Powered Armour Edit

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