The Sirian Army Choir, also known just as the Army Choir is the official military choir of the Sirian armed forces. Founded at the end of the Unification War, the ensemble consists of an all-female choir, an orchestra, and a dance ensemble. Aside from the distinctive sound of their music, and the use of traditional Sirian dances, the Army Choir is also well known for the fact that all members wear full military parade dress whilst performing, aside from the dance ensemble. Instead, they may occasionally wear traditional Sirian garb or costumes, depending on the exact performance.

History Edit

In order to improve morale both within the battered Sirian Army and without it, it was decided to form an army choir. Volunteers from the 1st Azarrac and the 3rd Shock Azarrac became the nucleus of what would become the Sirian Army Choir, and it is these formations that even today are seen as the ancestral home of the Army Choir. They immediately set about performing concerts throughout Sirian space, raising the spirits of the populace.

They would also later play an important if little known role during the Rakao Insurrection and the Emergency, promoting pro-Union sentiments. Interestingly, there are several recorded incidences of line units jamming hostile communications with recordings of Sirian Army Choir performances (much to the rebels' frustration).

Today the Choir tours not just the Sirian Union but throughout galactic space, acting as a useful means of projecting Sirian values and culture in a non-threatening and enjoyable manner.

Concerts Edit

The Army Choir has performed in a number of famous concerts both at home and abroad.

  • 3036 Osseg Concert: A concert was held in celebration of a new major shipyard being built in Osseg orbit. Perhaps the most memorable aspect was the fact that the Army Choir performed entirely in space, with the orchestra playing in a spacecraft whilst the choral audio was recorded from their EVA suits and broadcast.
  • 3065 Hrondfor Concert: This particular concert was undertaken to raise money for charity.
  • 3099 Siria Concert: This concert took place on New Year's Eve, and consisted of two parts, one played just before midnight and a second played just after midnight.
  • 3381 Tafor Concert: The Tafor concert was unusual in that special platforms were constructed specifically for the choir to perform on due to Tafor's nature as a gas giant. After the performance, the platforms were repurposed
  • 3386 Ennot Aunn Concert: This concert commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Savages attack on the world of Ennot Aunn.
  • 3471 Cei Concert: This concert is best remembered for the way that military equipment was incorporated into the performance - for example, the dancers were riding atop armoured vehicles as they drove in intricate, synchronised movements.

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