Class Overview
Service: Izeran Empire
Commissioned: 3515
Preceded By: N/A
Built: 30
Active: 30
Type: Dreadnought
Length: 1600m
Engines: 5 Heavy-Duty Ion Engines
Armor: -
  • 20 Shield Generators
  • 6 Auxiliary Generators
  • 25 m plating
Armaments: -
  • 50 Heavy Plasma Cannons
  • 50 Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 20 Missile Launchers
  • 15 Missile Interception Lasers
Crew: 5000
FTL Capable: Yes

The Skaro-Class Dreadnought is an enormous, heavily-armed capital ship built by the Izeran Empire. It is considered both a psychological weapon and a conventional fighting ship.

Skaro-Class ships are rarely seen by the public, generally being tucked away in secured space. Due to their expense, very few have been produced, and there are no known plans for further production.