The Sole Proprietorship of Philip is a corporation in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, and the smallest on Zeconis. Formed in 3537 during the chaos of the Freedom War, a wealthy male Kuhneebo named Philip and his sife were the administrator of an island-based superfactory, where well over a million employees spent their lives harvesting the Mythril deposits, or supporting those who do. The Danneloval Corporation, who owned the island, sold Philip the rights to the island.

Danneloval immediately challenged the legality of the sale. As Philip himself was the acting administrator of the island, and his sife was the notary, the lack of a neutral third-party in the transaction made the terms of Philip's contract extremely suspect. Indeed, the terms and conditions of the sale were well out of line with standard business practices, and the case itself should have been a quick arbitration followed by Philip's execution.

However, Philip had immediately stuck a deal with several corporations, including Novaia, to trade Mythril for several Aiyuras at a much more favorable rate than Denneloval. As a result, they declared the sale legitimate and used their navies to reinforce the island, leaving Danneloval with no recourse but to withdraw.

Eleven years afterwards, Philip passed away and passed on the deed to the company to his eldest son, Philip the Second. He is fixated on Verandi culture, with well-known series such as Fleet Live! being declared mandatory enjoyment.

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