The Son of Faruu Beauty Pageant is a contest held annually designed to find the "most beautiful man in the galaxy". The contest is only open to male Sirians. Traditionally, the location of the competition changes each year, going to a different planet or system within the Sirian Union.

It is broadcast by the Uabarri Broadcasting Company in Sirian space and TeleUabarri in Verandi space.

History Edit

Established in 2950, legend has it that it was specifically created by Siao Ebei herself to boost the morale of the population. The majority of historical accounts throw doubt on this - there is no record of Siao ordering such a thing, and it doesn't fit her established personality - but this hasn't stopped the contest organisers from capitalising on the connection.

Structure Edit

The contest itself is divided into four areas: Beauty, Personality, Intelligence, and Talent (referred to affectionately as the "beep it" test by fans). A panel of judges assesses the contestants.

The Beauty portion naturally focuses on the appearance of contestants. They are rated on elegance, attractiveness, style, and presence (not just whether they make heads turn, but how they make the judges feel). The contestants have to wear multiple types of clothing before progressing on to the next round, typically casual clothing, formal wear, swimwear, and "adventure wear" (which may be themed on anything from old sci-fi to action films).

The Personality category aims to ascertain what makes the contestants tick. They are asked questions on moral quandries, their hopes and fears, and more. Many viewers claim that this is the highlight of the Son of Faruu experience, though this is hotly debated.

The Intelligence category is relatively straightforward. A series of multiple choice questions are asked within a time limit, ranging from current affairs to the sciences to entertainment. It is not uncommon for particularly boneheaded answers to become memes within Sirian space.

The final segment - Talent - requires the contestants to show off a special talent, with points being awarded for style, entertainment value, uniqueness, and skill.

The totals from each of these segments are added together, and the contestant with the highest score wins overall. The winner is awarded a cash prize, a trophy, and the title "Son of Faruu". They also meet with the current Chairwoman and have their photograph taken together, and unofficially a slew of modelling contracts follow not long after the victor has been declared. The runners up generally receive a smaller cash prize.

Notable Winners Edit

  • 2950: Zarrunn Uzmu. The very first winner of the competition.

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