Demonym: Soskellan
Allegiance: Ashkathi Union
Capital: Sky Sanctum
Governing Official: The Council of Soskella
Population: 850 million
Planet: Andarr (twin)
Star System: Tokuune

Soskella is a planet in the Tokuune system, a binary planet along with its partner Andarr. The planet Soskella is a member of the Ashkathi Union. It is most well known for being the site of first contact with the Sirian Union, and later the site of the signing of the Soskellan Accords. The word soskaale means "prey" in Gaale, since it looks like Andarr is chasing Soskella around space.


Soskella is the smallest planet in the Ashkathi Union, at about 60% the size of Larine. Compared to its more barren and lifeless companion Andarr, Soskella is a geologically-active planet, with very strong quakes and volcanoes. As such, its surface is covered with crevasses, calderas, and canyons. Soskella's global ocean runs like a giant fractal pattern across Soskella's surface, with the main continental shelf being split into many "island continents".


Soskella has a very hot and humid climate due to the intense geological activity of the planet. Temperatures usually hover around 84 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit (28 to 34 degrees Celsius) all year round. On the side that is tidally locked towards Andarr, the temperature cools slightly (around 71-77 degrees F or 21-25 degrees C).


Soskellan native life is sparse, but exists in isolated pockets safe from volcanic activity.

Plant lifeEdit

The dominant form of plant life on Soskella are tall stalked bushes, roughly similar to Earth's tree ferns. These Soskellan "trees" make vast forests across Soskella's many island continents. Their fruits are surrounded by a hard shell, much like that of a coconut, that lets the fruit germinate after a long time at sea. Instead of grass, thick leafy vegetation covers the ground.

Animal lifeEdit

Soskellan life has to be hardy to survive the harsh conditions of the planet. Most Soskellan life closely resembles Terran arthropods, with hard exoskeletons and long spindly legs. The largest creature native to Soskella is the imperial hellcrab (as named by Verandi biologists) or the kafu-kalani (as named by the Ashkathi settlers). The imperial hellcrab is a huge flattened animal about as wide around as a gazebo, with eight long, spindly legs, each with pincers on the ends. The animal is bright red in coloration and is covered in spikes and knobs. Despite the name, it only tangentially resemble's Earth's crabs, and has a closer similarity to a huge tick or louse.


Soskella's most widely populated settlement is the Sky Sanctum, built around the area where the Ashkathi made first contact with the Sirian Union. This huge city and palace makes up half of Soskella's population.


Soskella has no moons, but it does orbit around Andarr, and vice versa.

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