A sound blaster is a type of weapon in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate that utilizes sound waves to damage a target. They have characteristically poor performance against armored targets, but excel against infantry and environmental hazards. As a result, they are most commonly mounted on vehicles as a secondary weapon. Utilizing technology that is similar to those found in industrial Blazebuzzer technology, sound blasters are modified for more powerful waves, beyond what is required for simply extinguishing fires.

Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles alike employ sound blasters to safely counter hidden threats such as barricades, explosives, mines, drones, and forests, or as defenses against missiles, rockets, grenades, plasma bursts, and flames. As they use the surrounding air as a medium for propagation, sound blasters have some of the lowest energy requirements of any type of energy weapon, and can be used for much longer period of time. Due to requiring a fluid atmosphere to operate, they are incapable of functioning in space or high altitude, limiting their effectiveness to ground vehicles, naval vessels, and amphibious vehicles.

Amongst infantry, they are typically only found amongst combat engineering squads, who equip bulky variants mounted onto a husk. This is due to the extremely loud sounds produced by the weapon, which requires protection to avoid permanent injury or death.

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