A spoori cow

The spoori is a large filter-feeding animal native to the planet Larine. This large docile species is the second-largest and most well-known of the filter-feeding spotorids, a family of marine Larinian animals that also includes the torra.

Appearance Edit

The spoori is a large animal, reaching 30 to 40 feet from snout to tail. It typically takes a muddy green hue. Like all spotorids, it has a span of wing-like fins protruding from either side, large unblinking yellow eyes, a broad head, and a tail that ends in a long pointed fin. Spoori mouths are large, gaping, and toothless.

Anatomy Edit

Spoori, like most of the life on Larine, have cartilaginous skeletons making them flexible. The spoori's skin is thick and rubbery like that of a dolphin. Spoori skeletons have no teeth, unlike the prominent teeth of torra and other carnivorous spotorids, or the vestigial teeth of Ashkathi. When food approaches, they suck in water like a vacuum and filter the water out through their gill slits on the back. Despite their large mouths, spoori esophagi are very small, roughly the diameter of a quarter. For this reason, they cannot swallow large objects or animals, and spit them out when they are accidentally sucked up. Spoori have small brains for their size, and their echolocation ability is vestigial.

Diet Edit

Spoori only eat plankton, which on Larine consists of microscopic plants, kull and rutamani larvae, and other tiny plants and animals. Stories of spoori swallowing large objects are fictitious, as spoori do not have large esophagi.

Behavior Edit

Lacking in natural predators, the spoori is a slow, awkward, and docile creature that is content to float lazily around and eat its preferred food. When attacked, it will flee without putting up a fight. If cornered, it opens its mouth wide to make itself look more threatening, while letting out a loud moaning sound. Spoori pairs mate for life, and a spoori female will lay anywhere from 10 to 30 eggs. When the young hatch, spoori keep their young in their mouths, letting them out only to feed, until they are large enough to live on their own.

Spoori in culture Edit

The spoori is seen as a gentle giant within Ashkathi folklore. Despite their lacking in intelligence, the spoori is associated with wisdom.

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