Stonethrowers are the most-common form of civilian, military, and law enforcement firearm in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate . Resembling a gun, they similarly load bullets which are then fired through a barrel. Rather than using gunpowder loaded into each bullet, they are powered by a gas cannister attached to the weapon and fired by pneumatic action.

This offers several benefits over traditional firearms, as more bullets can be loaded due to their caseless and powderless design. It causes soldiers to have to restock on not only ammunition, but gas as well. However, it offers no worse battlefield performance than a railgun that would have to similarly have its power core recharged in addition to its slugs. For personal weapons, stonethrowers tend to be slightly heavier, larger, and with more recoil than other nations, which is offset by the Kuhn being capable of using additional limbs to stabilize their weapon. They tend to fire at a reduced rate that could be as low as one-half that of their foreign counterparts, but at increased momentum per shot.

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