The Superparamagnetic Semi-Static State Sustained Surface Shielding System (S8) is a combination armor/shielding solution used on Norb Network capital ships.


Instead of traditional armor, Norb capital ships are made from several relatively thin layers of metals and composites with cavities in between them. These cavities are filled with a ferromagnetic fluid during construction. While weaker than traditional armor, when the layers of insulators and conductors are exposed to large, rapidly-changing electrical signals, strong electromagnetic fields are created around the ship. These fields are capable of absorbing physical, electrical, magnetic, and thermal force with much higher efficiency than standard shielding systems.

Its electromagnetic nature means that unlike some types of shields, the S8 is capable of remaining passively active with minimal energy drain in a static state. It shifts into active mode when the energy from weapons fire enters the field, increasing power energy automatically.