Syntax is a Norb dramedy film.


Miekal Vrola is a programmer who lives in Suntower City on Elas. He works on the Star Tech Productivity Suite, specializing in autocorrect. As a hobby, he enjoys making visual novels, which he publishes anonymously. One of his most successful works is a Zehiri-Ashkathi dating sim called "Before my Body is Dry", which has received strong praise on the cnet forum thread about it. However, he fixates on negative reviews from someone with the handle "Verandi_Zorro", who constantly points out the low-quality production values as trash.

One day he heads into the office and sees a horse in his cubicle. He runs to his boss's office, who then explains to him that it is his new coworker, a Norb cultural exchange worker called Harry Cleson. Miekal has had a habit of scaring off cubicle mates in the past, who have all requested being moved to a new spot. But since Harry will not complain, he was assigned the other half of the cube. Upset, he goes to his cube where Harry introduces himself, and the two share an awkward hoof-shake.

During the rest of the day, Miekal is constantly annoying by Harry's queries.


One weekend, the company has a mixer after work with all the employees invited. Miekal doesn't feel like going, but a constant stream of questions from Harry irritates him so much that he decides to go rather than put up with the horse's questions. At the party, Miekal gets drunk off of Corrilian Ale and flirts with the receptionist, Vala. The rest of the night is a blur, skipping to Miekal waking up in bed with Vala beside him. When he passes by his window on the way to the kitchen, he sees Harry standing where his car should be. Harry explains that because Miekal and Vala were so inebriated, he made them ride him home instead of permitting them to drive.

[duck-billed plotypus]

He says he arranged a lunch meeting with someone he thinks Miekal will like. At lunch, Harry leads Miekal to the restaurant, where the hostess seats them at their reserved table. Already present is a jiptohri who is drinking a cup of tea. Before he can raise the question, Harry introduces the two. The pair seem to get along well. Towards the end of the hour, Harry, who had been quiet for most of the meal, speaks up. He reveals Meikal's own handle on cnet, and that the jiptohri is in fact, Verandi_Zorro

[plotplotplot, climax, conclusion, roll credits, stinger, roll credits for real]

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