The Synthetic Shockwave System (S3) is an area-of-effect weapon used by the Norb Network against all types of ships, but is mainly employed defensively due to energy requirements and range. 


The S3 functions by using a system similar to a small-scale FTL drive to create a virtual compression wave, which invisibly propagates through space until it encounters real matter or energy. Upon contact, the virtual wave becomes real, and anything in its way to experience tremendous physical force. The result is a high-damage weapon system that fires a wide 'cone'. This comes at a high power cost, as an S3 may require up to twenty times the power of a P4 when sustained. Additionally, the effective range of an S3 is between a third to a half of a P4 depending on its target distance, due to the rapid falloff rate.

Found on all manner of ships and installations, the S3's main use is in defensive arrays. It's high-damage wide-range properties make it ideal for use on capital ships as a last line of defense against anything that manages to evade a ship's P4 arrays, before it reaches the shields and hull.

Heavy fighters equipped with an S3 take on what is traditionally the bombing role for other nations. They house large capacitor banks in order to close in on their target and fire a single sustained burst before expending their stored energy, and requiring a lengthy recharge. Each 'bombing run' brings them close enough to use their S3, and then the craft must escape the anti-aircraft defenses until it has enough energy for another attack.