TU-6B Blackstar
Class Overview
Service: Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Commissioned: 3507
Preceded By:  ?
Succeeded By:  ?
Built: No official reports
Active: No official estimates
Type: Heavy Space Bomber
Length: 36.2m
Engines: 8x Superbooster
Armor: Layered Vuscotrium and Ocestralt
Armaments: 2x Dual-22mm Thermal Penetration Cannon Turrets

Missiles Bomb bay

Crew: 7-11
FTL Capable: no

The TU-6B Blackstar is a Corrilian heavy space bombercraft, sold in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate and across the Known Galaxy. Somewhat similar to the YT-68C Doomstorm Fighter in shape and color, it is much larger, and its distinctive swept-back wings are at a 45° angle. Heavily armed and armored, its Vuscotrium armor is reinforced with an inner layer of Ocestralt for additional protection against fighter craft. A pair of twin-22mm turrets and several anti-fighter missiles allow it to defend from enemy fighters, and a full complement of anti-ship missiles makes it a threat to every capital ship. Its internal bomb bay allows it to carry mines or heavy bombs for causing further chaos.

Like the YT-68C Doomstorm Fighter, it utilizes Corrilian Vuscotrium armor for high durability and impact resistance at a minimal weight, and likewise gives the ship a polished blood-red color. An inner layer of the heavier Ocestralt armoring provides additional impact resistance to the ship's core and engines. While fast for a heavy bomber, the Blackstar's superboosters are incapable of operating at hyperturbo, both to reduce fuel consumption and limit structural stress.

Due to the size of its bomb bay, some pirates use it as a jury-rigged carrier by transporting a concealed Doomstorm or other small craft.

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