Title: The Cloud World
Motto: Dedication and Discovery
Demonym: Taforian
Allegiance: Sirian Union
Capital: Sky City
Largest City: Sky City
Governing Official: Administrator Berran
Population:  ???
Star System: Tafor system

Tafor is a gas giant within the Sirian Union's space that is the site of a gas extraction operation and several scientific stations. It is also used to train Sirian Army personnel in high altitude operations.

Geography Edit

A gas giant, Tafor has no real surface to speak of. Instead, there are multiple layers of air, all moving in different directions and at different speeds. The habitable zone is above the thick shroud of clouds that mask the depths of the gas giant. The habitable zone is exposed to constant sunshine during daylight hours and has comparatively settled weather.

It is bitterly cold; temperatures of -30°C are common during mid-day, and it only gets colder as night falls. As a result, visitors are recommended to bring well insulated clothing and to refrain from exiting habitats at night unless the journey is absolutely critical.

The inhabitants of Tafor live on a fleet of gigantic airships that use solar panels to power their various systems. During the day they fly in certain directions to maximise sunlight collection, whilst at night they drift on the jet streams to conserve power. Even if their thrusters were to fail, they could remain aloft indefinitely due to the buoyancy provided by their envelopes.

In order to travel from airship to airship, or from atmosphere to space, small shuttles are used. The ride can be very intense due to the windshear that can occur between air layers. Sky City is the largest and most populous airship on Tafor, though it is rivalled by the military base that acts as a local garrison.

History Edit

Tafor was a relatively recent addition to Sirian space, only being colonised in the waning years of the Warring Kingdoms Period. As a result, it was spared much of the horrors of the era. Due to being lightly defended, it was taken by Siao Ebei and her forces with little trouble.

Much of the Sirian Union's modern understanding of gas giants is a result of experiments carried out on Tafor. Indeed, several award winning scientists made their groundbreaking work whilst aboard one of the gigantic flying habitats. As the Union has opened up more and more, it has allowed non-Sirians - particularly scientists and gas miners - to freely make journeys to Tafor.

Culture Edit

Taforians are sometimes seen as overly studious, focused more on unimportant minutiae than the big picture. They can also be regarded as humourless, though many Taforians contest this claim. However, Taforians have historically made extremely good pilots both in atmosphere and in space. Similarly, they have a noted fearlessness about heights. Some theorise this is a consequence of having a long way to fall if they were to misstep.

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