TX-170 Tarokai Space Superiority Fightercraft
Class Overview
Service: Izeran Empire
Commissioned: 3515
Preceded By: N/A
Built: TONS
Active: MOST
Type: Fighter
Length: 10 m
Engines: 1 High-Output Ion Engine
Armor: 1 Shield Generator

Titanium-alloy armour plating

Armaments: 6 Rapid-Fire Plasma Cannons

1 Missile Launcher (12 Interceptor Missiles)

Crew: 1 Pilot
FTL Capable: No

A highly specialized craft, the TX-170 Tarokai Space Superiority Fightercraft, colloquially known among pilots as D'rokai, is one of the fastest and most manoeuvrable starfighters in the known galaxy. Equipped with specially made gravity generators and inertial dampeners, the Tarokai Fightercraft can rapidly accelerate to extreme sublight speeds and pull very high-G manoeuvres without sustaining damage or rendering the pilot incapacitated or dead.

In order to achieve its speed and light weight, however, the designers of TX-170 had to sacrifice the craft's offensive and defensive capabilities, lessening its ability to deal and receive damage. The Tarokai's plasma cannons have a higher rate of fire than the standard fighter-mounted model, but have roughly half the destructive potential-per-shot, and the craft also lacks an auxiliary shield generator.

The TX-170 is notorious among Izeran engineers for being extremely finicky and needing frequent maintenance.