Thaande-class freighter
Class Overview
Commissioned: 3483
Preceded By: Fuuloria-class cargo carrier
Built: 30
Active: 22
Type: Freighter
Length: 500
Engines: 2 ion engines
Armor: 200 mm plating
Crew: 80
FTL Capable: Yes

The Thaande-class freighter is a civilian vessel class of the Ashkathi Union. This freighter is used during trade between different planets. It is the most recent of its type, augmented with booster technology traded from the Sirian Union. Since it was commissioned in 3483, it has been the standard freighter used by the Ashkathi Union.

Like most Ashkathi freighters, the Thaande-class is elongated with a rounded area for the cockpit (where the crew and the pilot sit and operate the ship). Near the back of the ship are four "legs" that are rigid, holding radio antennae and solar panels to aid the ship in power and communication. Between the boosters and the cockpit is four elongated chambers (upgraded from two on the Fulooria-class) for storing cargo and supplies. The Thaande-class is also equipped with a Remora unit (spoori-tanuke in Gaale), a drone that follows the ship and refuels in midflight. It can attach to the ship during an FTL jump, then detach to follow on its own power.


The Thaande-class freighter is named after the UAS Thaande, the first ship of its kind. Since then, 29 other Thaande-class freighters have been constructed and put into use by the Ashkathi Union. Of those 30 ships, 22 are still in operation.

  • The Thaande itself has been retired and made into an exhibit at the Larinian Museum of the Beyond, located in Probefall Point outside the city of Haana-gan.
  • Four freighters have been retired and scrapped: the Tutaaka, the Kuluon, the Naladaan, and the Sindaara.
  • The UAS Gabaane experienced a catastrophic cockpit failure in 3492 when one of the plates that held the cockpit together failed. The water in the cockpit was sucked into outer space, killing all of the crew aboard.
  • The UAS Nakota exploded in midair shortly after launching in 3497 when one of its boosters set off too early.
  • During a routine trade route to the Jiptohr Empire, the UAS Sakileeni mysteriously vanished in 3507. No trace of the vessel has been found, but it is believed that the freighter accidentally crossed into the Angel Sector and was destroyed by the Angels.

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