The Thunderflash Grenade - occasionally known as just a "Thunderflash" - is a type of flashbang grenade used by Sirian law enforcement and the Sirian Army. The grenade is specially shaped and weighted so that it always rolls to a stop in an upright position. A bounding charge launches the Thunderflash 5-6 feet into the air to clear obstacles, cover, and ground clutter. Next, a weak, simple bursting charge flings several smaller charges away from the point of bound. After a short delay the charges go off, emitting multi-spectrum light and sound in frequencies known to be extremely uncomfortable to all known species in order to disorient and incapacitate. A brief EMP is also triggered to take sensors, drones, and other electrical equipment offline. The reason for the individual charges is to project the charges over or even into cover with the targets, and because the bursts are raised above ground less of the blast is absorbed by the ground or anything on the ground.

It is intended to be used in rooms, against opponents in cover, and areas where the ground is cluttered. As a result, it is invaluable in hostage rescue situations and urban warfare. Variants of the Thunderflash include the Thunderclap, which replaces the flashbang charges with concussion charges, and the Thunderbolt, which replaces the flashbang charges with fragmentation charges. The Thunderclap is particularly effective in enclosed spaces and underwater, though it is obviously fatal to whomever is caught in the blast radius. The Thunderbolt is also used when less lethal methods are not applicable, but combat in more open areas is expected.

Sirian military and police units attend several sessions in which they are exposed to a Thunderflash grenade so that they can get used to its effects and learn to both anticipate it and work around its effects if they happen to "eat" a Thunderflash whilst breaching and clearing.

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