XF-185 Tonrah-Class Bomber
Class Overview
Service: Izeran Empire
Commissioned: 3495
Built: Pick a card!
Active: Any card!
Type: Strategic bomber
Length: 20 m
Engines: 2 Ion Engines
Armor: 6 Shield Generators

Titanite-alloy Heavy Plating

Armaments: -
  • 4 Plasma Cannons
  • 2 Ion Canons
  • 6 Missile Launchers
  • 2 Bomb Bays
Crew: 6

The XF-185 Tonrah-Class Bomber is a long-range, dedicated strategic bomber. Although not as agile as the Sabok Fighter-Bombers, the Tonrah is considerably hardier and carries a more potent explosive payload. It is also well-equipped for missions that keep it from a mothership for extended periods of time, and can be quickly and easily refitted to provide refueling to friendly fightercraft in the absence of any capital ships.

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