The turboencabulator is the modern FTL engine currently used by the Kuhneebo Conglomerate. It was developed in the early 32nd century and rolled out for production towards the middle of the century, replacing the widespread use of the retroencabulator.

The development of synthetic jump drive technology in 3103 by the United Stars influenced Kuhn engineers, who used the electrical drives created by the Snailians as a basis when designing the turboencabulator. The newfound understanding of quantum mechanics discovered by the United Stars allowed Conglomerate engineers to rethink the motion of subatomic particles, resulting in significantly improved engines that were comparable in performance to the synthetic jump drives of other nations. By 3160, all new Arks were built with the turboencabulator, and by the 33rd century all existing retroencabulators had been upgraded to the turboencabulator.


Like the retroencabulator, the turboencabulator uses a logarithmic cascading procedural backbone which establishes recursive connectivity, causing a sequential integral extended converter array inversion using fluctuations near the quantum aligned vortex. However, using proxy plasma reflective sampling overflow deviation allows for reducer feedback phase normalizing. In combination with a reducer, infrared processor, and normalizing harmonic element, the feedback phase network disk is logistically bypassed in a distributed scan.

Critical fragmentation within the enhanced inverted crystal allows even a weak core to hold, while the inverted matter stream causes the auxiliary ripples to dither. Reversing the magnetic charge re-route the burst into running capacitors and fluctuating plasma. The removed burst hyperdrive affects fluctuations inside the quantum area polarity gravity dampener. Holding the temporal hyperdrive catches ripples around the special zone. Overheating power in the time-matter field vortex capacitors calibrates the core before bursts cause fluctuations to re-route.

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