Unification War


  • Formal creation of Sirian Union
  • Decisive SU victory
  • Warlords subsumed into Sirian Union

Various warlords

  • 1st Azarrac

Various warlords

  • Ae Rucasinax
  • Ouzal fa Laruu
  • Ae Aluei Sota fa Hrald
  • Abzirr Uabarri Azarrac
  • Feuuzal Uabarr
  • Sozi Falann
  • Uabarri olarr e Abzirr Ralurraz
Commanders and Leaders
  • FlagSirianUnionChairwoman Siao Ebei
  • Azosseil Irrazua Nakunn
  • Rucasi Ekiem†
  • Her Radiance Narrazua Laruu†
  • Ae Barrunn Muraz
  • Azosseil Aruuzei†
  • Uznai
  • Werruzua
  • Premier Ossarr






The Unification War, also known as the Sirian Civil War, is a conflict that took place from 2920 to 2925 in which the future founder of the Sirian Union, Siao Ebei, fought an alliance of seven major warlords to unify Sirian space.

Background Edit

For almost a century, Sirian space was carved up into a motley collection of bickering fiefdoms, some more powerful than others. Some - like Ouzal fa Laruu - were little more than overmighty cults, albeit ones with an iron grip on several planets. Others were nearly nation states in their own right.

However, this equilibrium was shattered abruptly as a hitherto unknown yet charismatic Sirian warlord known as Siao Ebei waged a campaign to unite all Sirians under her banner. Understandably, the warlords saw this as a significant threat to their power and thus the stage was set for a brutal conflict.

War Edit

The conduct of the war can roughly be summed up by looking at the seven major operations that the Sirian League prosecuted. The naming was a deliberate choice by Siao Ebei.

Operation RAZIRRU Edit

Operation ZALTUR Edit

Operation UABARR Edit

Operation TAFRI Edit

Operation TALUNN Edit

Operation RUCATA Edit

Operation TIRATA Edit

Aftermath Edit

The vanquished were given an ultimatum: submit to Sirian Union control peacefully or be destroyed. Some warlords accepted the offer, such as Premier Ossarr and (in a surprise move) Werruzua. Others, however, chose to flee (Ae Barrunn Muraz) or dug in and had to be fought inch by painful inch (Rucasi Ekiem).

With this done, the Sirian Union began to gather its strength - and fleets - to rebuild, expand its borders, and one day chase the warlord remnants.

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