January 12, 2997

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

From underneath a thick yellow comforter Chelsie semi-consciously reached for the palm computer resting next to her pillow without bothering to open her eyes. After several attempts that ended with grabbing empty air she finally felt the PC’s plastic frame and narrowed in on the alarm mode’s snooze button. One pounded button latter and the annoying chirp ceased. Chelsie brought her hand back underneath the blanket and went back to sleep. Sleep that ended about ten minutes later.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

With a groan, a somewhat more awake Chelsie reached out and hit the snooze button once again, only taking two tries before she reached the computer. The room became quiet once more.

After this scenario happening far too many times in the past, the computer was programmed to try a different tactic the third time around. Accessing the room’s sound system, it turned up the volume to maximum. Flipping through the recorded tracks, it picked the loudest one available. Chelsie felt as if her entire body jumped a few feet and her heart a few more as music blaring from every wall sent vibrations through her like someone striking a gong next to her head. Her body shot up and she looked around wildly for a moment, in her groggy state not sure what was happening or why.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

The alarm! Chelsie snatched up the little computer from where it laid near her. In addition to the music it was still chirping the now barely audible original wake up call.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” she said frantically, snatching up the little computer and trying to turn it off. She pressed the activation button and the blue holographic screen popped up. Still in alarm mode it displayed nothing but the time; 6:50 AM. Pressing the button again made the keyboard screen appear horizontally before her while the display screen changed from just projecting the time to the Password Screen with the little white bar in the middle awaiting her input. Cheslie’s fingers flew across the keys to each letter that made up APHEK JAZZ and hit Enter.

Opening her homescreen had the dual effect of turning off the alarm. As suddenly as it has begun, the music ceased pounding her eardrums and Chelsie breathed a sigh of relief. The sudden silence was actually as deafening as the music had been in its own way. The room was still wrapped in darkness with only a hint of sunlight peeping through the blinds. No matter though, she certainly wasn’t going back to sleep now! Chelsie prayed no one else had heard that. Her parents hated being woken up early.

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