"Thank you all for coming to my Super Special Treaty Negotiation/Birthday Party." Serru said to every VIP woman in the galaxy. "Business will proceed until 8, whereupon we will transition into Party Mode. There will be Spooky Ghost Stories by a campfire and later an optional pillow fight."

"I do love a good pillow fight." Said Empress Tanis.

"Do the ghost stories have to take place in the dark?" Asked Queen Amelia.

"Not to worry, I have personally taken the liberty of crossing all the dimensional thresholds and beating the ever-loving shit out of any monsters. But if it would make you feel better, I will tell the sun not to set until later. The sun owes me a few favours, you see."

"Thanks, Serru!" Said Amelia. "You're the best!"

"I am pretty great." Agreed Serru.

"It's just too bad your other sister - what was her name again? Arruen? - couldn't make it." Said Sirian Chairwoman Arrucix Ejei.

Serru stared out the window at the horizon and looked both wistful and disappointed. "No... It's better this way..."


Lightyears away, a news headline flashed on a monitor. "Serruzua Irrek negotiates super-amazing unprecedented treaty ensuring galaxy-wide peace forever, all from her crazy-cool birthday party."

'She is very cool and I like her a lot.' - Empress Tanis

Bitterly, Erruan shut off the computer. "I didn't want to go to your stupid party anyway." She grumbled. "I bet it was really lame and dumb and stupid like your stupid face."

She felt a chill down her back as she knew that somehow, somewhere, Serru was disappoint.

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