Varral class corvette
Class Overview
Service: 3543 - Present
Commissioned: 3543
Preceded By:  ???
Succeeded By: N/A
Built:  ???
Active:  ???
Type: Missile corvette
Length: 600m
Engines: 3 x ion ring thrusters
Armor: 1m Pellao armour plating

1m Victory ERA

1 x Preserver shield projector

Armaments: 6 x heavy anti-ship missile complexes:
  • ASh-410 Terminus heavy anti-ship missile
  • ASh-200 Ripper heavy anti-ship missile

1 x 61 cell VLS, containing a mix of:

  • ASh-54 Lance anti-ship missiles
  • ASh-25 Splinter anti-shield missiles
  • ASh-71 Nightblossom cluster missile
  • IN-128 Bulwark interceptors

2 x missile launchers:

  • ASm-8 Rebuke PD anti-smallcraft missiles
  • ASm-12 Castigator anti-smallcraft missiles

2 x rail cannons (or 1 x heavy rail cannon)

1 x light rail cannon

Crew: 80
FTL Capable: Yes

The Varral class corvette is a capital ship in service with the Sirian Army Space Corps. It is named after a sea monster of ancient Sirian myth.

Design Overview Edit

Weapons Edit

Intended to be a battleship killer, the Varral class corvette wields either ASh-410 Terminus heavy anti-ship missiles or ASh-200 Ripper heavy anti-ship missiles. Ammunition for these weapons is extremely limited - only the missiles loaded into the missile tubes are available for use. This is seen as acceptable, as the missiles contain a high enough payload to be used as a "one-two punch" against battleships and other high value capital ships. A frequent tactic is to use Splinter anti-shield missiles to strip the target of their protection, and then firing a Terminus or Ripper to finish them off.

Aside from the usual complement of missiles, it also carries one of the trump cards of the modern Sirian Army Space Corps: the Nightblossom cluster missile. When launched, it deploys a swarm of sub-missiles that overwhelm point defences and deal extra damage. However, for the most part the missile cell and the rail cannons are intended to ensure the Varral class does not become completely defenceless once it has expended its heavy missiles.

Sensors & AI Edit

The Varral class carries a fire control sensor and a search sensor; both of these are sufficient to direct all of its weapons. An onboard AI assists the crew in carrying out their duties, being capable of reacting to even unexpected threats with great speed.

Defences Edit

The Varral class itself is clad in a thick hull of Pellao metal, with an overlay of ERA affording extra protection. A single shield generator - albeit one with redundant power sources - is the sole shielding system the corvette possesses. Like the larger ships in the Sirian arsenal, a Pellao shell covers the CIC. Heavy compartmentalisation, a robust internal security system, and an atmosphere purging system are other features they share with their larger brethern.

Engines & Power Generation Edit

The Varral class uses what are known as ion ring thrusters to propel itself. The blue-white glow they emit whilst active is very distinctive. One of the primary advantages of ion ring technology is its efficiency, allowing Varral class corvettes to remain on station for extremely long periods of time. Redundant power supplies are dotted throughout the vessel.

Ships in the class Edit

ASC Varral

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